Blog Assignment #8

      One person I find very intersesting is Cleoparta.She was the last Pharaoh of E gypt .Also she is one of the most commonly known Paraohs of Eygpt as well as one of the most popular.Although not very beautiful many men were attracted to her because of her itelligence,manner,and power.

   As a child Cleopartra’s father  PtolemyIIX made sure his childern had whatever they wanted.When they wanted.Cleopatra was of Greek and Macedonian desent.Her mother is unknown.Their father thought education to be very important so he made sure everyone of his childern had a tutor.So his childern were very itellligent.Cleopatra spoke several languages including eygptian,Latin,

  When Cleopatra was eighteen her father died and she assumed the throne of Eygpt.Many thought she was the human reincarnation of Isis the moon goddess.She was a very good ruler and many liked her.She had plans to make Egypt as awsome as it was hunderds of years before her time when it was at the height of its glory.Many other rulers did not want that to happen so they got her kicked out of Egypt.Though she came back it wasnt for long.

  Cleopatra knew people were trying to get rid of her and take over Egypt so she started to be close friends with some of the most powerful man of the time like Ceaser Augustus and Marc Anthony.She did whatever she needed to try and save her land.

    Cleopatra will be remebered throughout history as one of the best rulers every.Inconclusion Although Cleo patra did not save her kingdom from being overcome she was still one of the best rulers of all time.She will forever be known for being one of the best Pharaoh of all time.

lol everybody like hugs :P

lol everybody like hugs :P


yo mama!

BCS Journalism: Blog Assignment #7

BCS Journalism: Blog Assignment #6


Warm Up: Tell me about your family.

This week we will begin writing feature stories. A feature story is a story about a person, place or thing. It is non-fiction.

 I have a very large family.All my family live out in the country.Many of my cousins have blue,green,or light colored eyes.Everyone in my family knows how to cook and man to they! A few of my cousins own horses and sometimes let me ride them.

Here’s blog assignment #6:

1. Pick one of your 50 newspaper ideas from last week and write a 6 paragraph feature story. Research…

       Every generation has its “thing”.You know what I mean.Like in the 80’s it was cool to wear a side pony tail and wear really vibrate colors.Or the 20’s where it was cool to wear dresses above the ankle(wow that’s serious)and cut your hair into a bob.Or the 90’s were it was cool to wear tube tops and say totally over and over.As you can see we are currently not in any of those time periods.We are in the the twenty first century and now among other things like Justin Beiber(lame) ,acting thuggalious ,and partying like a rock star are in style.One of the things that are really in now is planking and now coning.

      I know planking is just pure fun and stupidly but it turns out it didn’t start that way.Planking was a term used to describe how slaves were to be placed on board a cargo ship.They were made to lay face down hands by their side for sometimes weeks.Sometimes staked one on top of the other.And sorry to say on their  luxurious boat ride there were no potties.Many did not survive the boat ride and those who did were malnourished.

    Now and days planking is a pose you take before taking a picture.Then you post on Facebook,twitter, you name it.Planking is HUGE in New Zealand,Australia, and Thailand.No one really knows who started planking.All we know now is that its popular and sometimes when you walk by someone about to take a picture there in the planking position.Some people are so serious about planking they go to huge lengths to get a really outrageous picture.Like this one a guy actually died trying to plank on a building rail.It happened in Aulsrlia that guy must have been one really hardcore planker.

  Although planking is all the rage people are starting to say that its getting old and that coning is the new planking.Whats coning you may ask.Coning is the act of picking up a ice cream cone from the top rather than the bottom. The person acclaimed for starting the craze is Alki Stevens of Melbourne, Australia.He is an Australian comedian and is fairly popular.

      Some how all the way from Australia ,coning has gotten popular in America.Personally I think it got really popular when Justin Beiber made a video of himself coning and put it on you tube.Of course what ever the little boy does all his little fan girls follow and there  are so many of them!Now people are saying coning is the new planking and will soon get really popular.

      Every generation has its thing.Among other thing that out of this generation arose are hip hop ,Facebook,and twitter.Although those are extremely popular some of the most outlandish fads that have to be are planking and coning.Theses are really crazy and we kids seem to love it.More than likely the things we do will only get more outlandish.

Blog Assignment #4


Warm Up: If you were a photographer, what would you want to take pictures of & why? (5-7 sentences)

    If I were a photographer I would take pictures of many things.I would mainly take pictures of nature,sports and weddings,though.I really like caught in action photos of sports.I also  think the beautiful pictures of nature are heart moving.But my favorite of all are wedding pictures because to me getting married is one of the most imported thing a person will ever do.

Here’s blog assignment #4:

1. Go to

2. Click on “Explore”

3.  Find 10 pictures that interest you.

4.  Save them to your desktop.

5. Write 1 paragraph about each picture & why you like it.

   I think this picture is very cute. It is absolutely adorable and makes me say aww   every time I see it.  It depicts a very adorable kitten. The brown spotted feline is wearing a lime green kawaii frog hat. It  is probably under two months old.
   In this picture there are Bollywood dancers .Usually in Bollywood films there a lot of dancers just like depicted in the picture. They are dressed in party sarees .This was a picture taken during the filming of one of the many Bollywood films. I like the culture depicted in this picture .I also like the clothes they are wearing. I really like the many colors and jewelry they are wearing.                                               In this picture there are many Chinese people  who have come together for this New Year’s parade. It happens every year and is a very big deal in their culture. I like how by looking at this picture you get a view of their culture. I like the lively attitude of the people in this picture. I also like the vibrant colors in this picture.                          This is a picture of flowers in spring. They are very beautiful .They are many vivid colors in this photo. I like spring it is my favorite season. I pretty much like anything to do with Spring which is why I picked this picture.The flowers are in bloom and are fresh.                  In this picture there are African people of a village.You can see by what they ‘re wearing they are not wealthy.They most likely hunt and forage for what they eat.They get married young and children young.I like this picture because it reminds me how lucky I am to live in such  a rich country.It always reminds me to never be ungrateful.                                                  Starfruit are one of many fruits  Americans don’t see very day.It has five points and is either green or yellowed colored.When cut they are star shaped.It is said to taste like a dross between a pineapple,lemon.and pear.I am interested in this picture because I think star fruits are one of the most awesome fruit Ive ever seen. Although I’ve never tried it I bet its Delicious.
            This is a picture of Martin Luther King Jr.He is one of the most influential people in the world even though he has passed away.I look up to him and hope to grow up and be some what like him.I am interested in this picture because Dr.King is one of my idols.Also because he alone changed a nation.
           In this picture is the world’s first holographic superstar.Her name is Hatsume Miku and means basically music of the future.It has become extremely popular and has raked in millions of  dollars.It originated in Japan and is an anime charter because anime is so popular in Japan.It has even come to The United States once for the Los Angeles Anime Expo.After flipping out because it was a hologram I came to like it.
  These are some of Gucci’s new fall collection.As you can see neutral colors are in.As well as wearing all one color as long as you wear a neutral colored shoe.I choose this picture because I adore fashion.That and Gucci is one of my favorite designers.

          In this picture are are a bunch of teenagers in the back of a limo.They are all dolled up and are on there way to Prom.They have been waiting all year for one of the most coveted dances of the school year.I like this picture is because I love school dances and can’t wait to go to one.So until then I enjoy looking at other people’s old Prom pictures.

Post your warm up, 10 pictures & paragraph about each picture to your blog as “Blog Assignment #4”

Blog Assignment #3

Warm Up: What would you like to write about in the school newspaper? (5-7 sentences) I would like to write about global happenings and cultures.I am very interested in different styles ,music, and happenings. I am pretty well rounded.I know many things about many countries and regions and love learning about those I do not.And I believe, us as a student body should know more about the world around us.Here’s blog assignment #3:1. Make a list of 50 newspaper story ideas.   1.Food article music chart   3.2014 world cup Brazil   4.Up coming movies   5.Trending now   6.anonymously yours, column (where people ask questions anonymously and are answered anonymously )   7.I triple dog dare you!()   8.International and Wacky holidays   9.Facebook vs.twitter
   10.Royals of the World
   11.Health and fitness
   12.Beauty   13.Being green
   14.ever wonder why? (answer to old sayings)   16.around town(city happenings)
   17. newest gadgets week 2011
   19.Bringing it back(recap on old t.v. shows, music etc.)
   20.Entertainment   21.rock star racing for Jesus
   22.Movies being shot in town
   23.frozen yogurt (so many places to get it now)
   24.Whats up with planking and coning?
   25.How to make a uniform not so styles for dummies to make your new year’s resolution come true
   28.hologram concerts
   29.year round school
   30.Tyler Perry
   32.racism dying? today and electronics(some obsessed) or mac?
   35.billionares in the world
   36.domino’s pizza used to be cut in the shape of domino
   37. 4d? whats next?
   38.finger monkeys
   39.Noah’s ark found?
   41.go to restaurants around town(reviews)
   42.weave trade
   43.illegal car racing tea(its many uses)
   45.talent show(why we should have one)
   46.leisure space travel
   47.Mario (one of the most successful video games)
   48.counter stores prep
   50.children shows(how there not so kid friendly)
2. Write 3 paragraphs (5-7 sentences each) about places you’ve traveled in your lifetime.            I have been to bordering states and cities.One of the places I have visited is New Orleans.New Orleans is a very vivacious city.The food there is world renown for its flavor and distinction.  The people are also known for there hospitality and the twang to their voice.          Another place I have visited is Destin,Florida.Destin is a island off the coast of Florida that has spectacular beaches and attractions.While there we visited the beaches ,which were awesome! The water was so clear u could see the small tropical fish swirl around the many people coming in the water to escape the hot day. Also I caught a small crab.I named it Frank and asked if I could bring it home but was made to set it free.We also went to The Commons.The Commons were like an outside mall it even had an amusement park attached to it.      The  favorite  place of all my visits so far was when my family and I went to Houston,Texas.When my family and I went to Houston we went to Kemah. Kemah is a boardwalk in Houston that has many attractions.I didn’t ride too many rides.My sister seeing I didn’t alot of the rides pushed me on one that she wanted to go on.It was fun ………..until I started getting woozy and almost passed out!Even though I almost passed out it was a really fun ride.Another place we went to was the Houston N.A.S.A space center.Now that was fun! They had really cool stuff to do.In the summer they setup all this stuff to do like mases and bungee jumping.I had such a great time. 3. Write 3 paragraphs (5-7 sentences each) about people you look up to & why you look up to them.           I want to live a life that is going to be remembered. There are some people who will always be remembered for their impact on the world and their exemplary actions.These are the people I look up to.Martin Luther King Jr. is one of those people.In a time when African Americans were told they would never amount to anything and had to work twice as hard to get half as much.When there were inequalities among the people of america when whites were thought to better than the rest came a man who would change a nation.Dr. King not only changed the way that people thought but, how they acted.And not only change back then but it is still effecting the future.      Another person I look up to is Esther.Esther was born into humble beginnings.She was an orphan taken in by a Hebrew man that she called uncle.Even though she didn’t know it God had a great plan for her life.Not only did she go from from being a commoner to a Queen but, she saved a nation. A whole way of life ,millions of people.But she couldn’t have done it without her faith and her enormous courage.
           The person I look up to the most has got to be Jesus.Jesus had the hardest struggle of all.God gave his only son Jesus to die for us even when he didn’t have to.Jesus was always giving and put people and their needs first even though he was the son of God! He did nothing wrong ,didn’t commit one sin and he died for our sins.Thats the kind of attitude I wanna have ,a giving and selfless attitude.One that people will notice and wonder who is that.
           Post your warm up, 50 NP ideas, 3 paragraphs about places you’ve traveled, and 3 paragraphs about people you admire to your blog as “Blog Assignment #3”

Blog Assignment #3

Blog Assignment #3

Warm Up: What would you like to write about in the school newspaper? (5-7 sentences)

Here’s blog assignment #3:

1. Make a list of 50 newspaper story ideas.

2. Write 3 paragraphs (5-7 sentences each) about places you’ve traveled in your lifetime.

3. Write 3 paragraphs (5-7 sentences each) about people you look up to & why you look up to them.

Post your warm up, 50 NP ideas, 3 paragraphs about places you’ve traveled, and 3 paragraphs about people you admire to your blog as “Blog Assignment #3”